ICS E-Learning Demo

ICS E-Learning Demo Course 4 (ICSDEMO4)

Creating a car wash club works for both you and your customers. You will earn consistent revenue every month regardless of the weather, while your club members enjoy the discounts, offers or other perks of being part of your club. You will learn how to set up your own club. Learn what selling options are available to you to customize the club purchase experience for your customers. Finally, you will learn how to add club members in WashConnect.
  • lesson 1: setting up clubs
  • 1.1 Getting Started: Setting Up Clubs
  • 1.2 - What Are Clubs?
  • 1.3 - Make It Happen: Setting Up Clubs
  • 1.4 - How do I set up Clubs?
  • 1.5 - Let's Review: Setting Up Clubs
  • 1.6 - Try It: Set Up a Club
  • 1.7 - Now I Know: Setting Up Clubs
  • 1.8 Quiz - Lesson 1: Setting Up Clubs
  • lesson 2: Club Selling Styles
  • Lesson 3: Adding Club Members
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "1.8 Quiz - Lesson 1: Setting Up Clubs"