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ICS E-Learning Demo Course 3 (ICSDEMO3)

Promotions allow you to gain insight on your customers. Being able to track what your customers purchase most often and when they visit your site allows you to plan ahead when setting up future sales. In this lesson, you will learn what promotions can do for your car wash sites, and what promotions are available for the Express service car wash business models. You'll also learn how to set up promotions through WashConnect, to better track and diversify your business.
  • lesson 1: promotions
  • 1.1 - Getting Started: Promotions
  • 1.2 - What are Promotions?
  • 1.3 - Make It Happen: Express Promotion
  • 1.4 - How do I create Express Promotions?
  • 1.5 - Let's Review: Promotions
  • 1.6 - Try It: Create a Punch Card Promotion
  • 1.7 - Now I Know: Express Promotions
  • 1.8 - Quiz - Lesson 1: Express Promotions
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "1.8 - Quiz - Lesson 1: Express Promotions"